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House cleaning tips

Garage & House Cleaning in Phoenix

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Don’t forget your garage when house cleaning in Phoenix Living in Phoenix, Arizona you’re outside a lot and items begin to pile up in your garage day after day at the park with kids or a trip to the pool. Pretty soon your neat, clean garage has been turned upside down and you don’t know where to turn. This is normal. Your garage is where everything from Christmas decoration to scooters are stored. However, there is a way to utilize the space you do have to the full potential and this is how. First, plan a time to dedicate to cleaning out your garage and stick to it. A weekend would be best, but any day will do. Get the whole family involved! Everyone can have a role! Spread it out over a couple days so you are not overwhelmed. Second, it is time to separate. You will now place...
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House Cleaning Tips

Tips for House Cleaning in Phoenix

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House Cleaning in Phoenix It's that time of year again in Phoenix, Arizona where many households are gearing up for a busy fall schedule. Kids are going to school, off to college, and work seems to always be demanding more and more time. It's also that time of year where Phoenix experiences a lot of weather changes, from monsoons in August to the perfect weather in October. Queen of Maids is here to help with getting your cleaning schedule up and going to help easy the burden of your busy schedule. Here are a few tips on building a schedule for House Cleaning in Phoenix Home cleaning is a lot of work and it is easy to lose track and end up with a dirty home in only a matter of days. But house cleaning does not need to be difficult! If you plan out a clenaing schedule for your...
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House Cleaning Tips for Bedrooms

Game Plan for Cleaning Your Room

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Game Plan for Cleaning Bedrooms Is it time to clean your room? Can’t get your head in the game? We’ve created this article to give you a few easy cleaning steps to get your head in the game and get your room cleaned. Here you go! The game plan we recommend includes three steps: (1) pick up, (2) wipe down, (3) vacuum out. Step 1: This step involves picking up garbage and recycling materials and putting them there they belong. This step also includes quick organization of objects in your room and taking other objects out of your room (ones that don’t belong there). As you go around your room, look from top to bottom and scan left to right for any items that need to be moved or trashed. Any items you don’t need in that room can be placed in a bag or empty laundry basket as an…

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Trusted Phoenix Home Cleaning Services

Phoenix House Cleaning Providers

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Phoenix House Cleaning Providers In search of the best house cleaning in Phoenix? Look no further. Our cleaning service pros are top of the line and to back them up, we offer 200 percent guaranteed they will deliver a house cleaning like no other. We understand how important convenience is to you, which is why we have an option for you to book your house cleaning service online. Online booking is simple and easy. First, you give us all of the pertinent details about your home and what type of house cleaning you require. We provide several different custom cleaning options for you to choose from. Then, it’s time to enter your zip code and take a look at our handy online calendar to find a date and time that work best for your schedule. From there, all you need to do is confirm your booking with our house cleaning…

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Home Cleaning Vacuum Tips

Vacuum the Right Way

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How to use your vacuum correctly. A lot of us will think of do not think that there is much to vacuuming, how hard can it really be? I mean, the vacuum is already doing all of the work, I just have to push it back and forward right? While that is not wrong there is a lot more to vacuuming your floors than just running the cleaner around your home. With the right knowledge you can not only keep your floors and surfaces clean, but you can also make sure your vacuum cleaner will last for years. The First thing to consider is what type of vacuum cleaner you need. Yes, there is many different types of vacuum cleaner and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. There is going to be vacuums that outperform others in certain tasks, the key is figuring what capabilities you are in need…

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Home Cleaning Tile Floors

How to Clean Tile Flooring

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Tile flooring is easy to clean but definitely needs to be done daily. No one likes walking barefoot into a kitchen and feeling of the sticky or crumby tile beneath their feet, wishing they had put on socks. You have to stay on top of it! Here some basic cleaning suggestions, deep cleaning methods as well as a list of how to get rid of the build up in the grout to make your life easier. Basic Care -Vacuum or sweep daily -Clean tile with a mild detergent and warm water, using a rag or chamois-type mop, rather than a sponge mop -Exchange the water frequently throughout the process; this will increase the shine and glossy look of your floors -For everyday simple clean up you may use a clean damp dust cloth -Make sure to dry the floor with a dry mop whenever you use water wile cleaning; this…

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Spring cleaning house cleaning tips

House Cleaning Tips – Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning is right around the corner! Don’t know how to begin your attack on all the house cleaning? Here is a check list to make sure you cover all your bases and don’t miss a thing! Kitchen • De-clutter your counters and get rid of unnecessary kitchen utensils and tools • Wipe down top and front of cabinets • Wipe down backsplash • Clean inside of oven • Clean microwave and toaster oven • Clean refrigerator • Vacuum under all appliaces • Clean out pantry and get rid of unwanted food • Sweep • Mop Living Room • De-clutter anything you don’t need, want or use • Dust all cobwebs • Vacuum couches • Sweep/vacuum/mop/shampoo floors • Wash curtains and blinds Bedrooms • De-clutter clothing, shoes and anything unneeded • Wash all bedding • Flip mattress • Vacuum/sweep/mop/shampoo floors Kids and Pets • De-clutter broken toys • Disinfect toys…

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Give Your Laundry Detergent a New Smell

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Want to change up the way your linens smell? Here's a quick 4 step process to infuse lavender into your bedroom. 1. Mix things up. Make a batch of homemade laundry detergent (it only takes a few minutes). 2. Infuse with yum! Add 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil and mix well into your detergent. Make sure to break up clumps with a fork so the oil is even distributed throughout. 3. Get clean. Wash your clothes, bedding, linens or anything else you want to smell wonderful with two tablespoons of this lavender infused detergent. 4. Soften. For the last step, add ¾ cup of vinegar (with a few more drops of lavender oil) during the rinse cycle. It acts as a fabric softener, which leaves your sheets fluffy and soft. Enjoy!
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