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How to Clean Grout

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How to Clean Grout Have you ever noticed your grout go from white to grey? Yup, dirt builds up here and one day it’s not going to look so new anymore! It can be pretty expensive to hire a vendor who specializes in grout cleaning so if you are cost conscientious and are in for a chore that can double as a workout  you can do it yourself. Now that’s self-gratification! Here are a few different ways you can get the job done:   Baking Soda & Water – Mix 3 parts of baking soda to 1 part water to make a thick paste. This cleaner is versatile and works with all colors of grout (this isn’t the best option for natural stones like marble or travertine). It’s easiest to use your fingers to apply the paste between the grout lines, that way you can reach every nook and cranny….

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How To Clean A Fireplace

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How To Clean A Fireplace Cleaning a fireplace is usually one of the those items that is overlooked, even in a deep home cleaning. It is important to regularly clean the fireplace as the leftover build up from fires can become toxic and can potentially harm your family. Wait at least 24 hours since the last time the fireplace has been used. Cleaning the inside of a Fireplace Supplies Needed: Plastic tarp Old Towels or Sheets Apron Handheld Broom and Dust Pan Vacuum Trash Bags STEP ONE: Prep the area. Lay a plastic tarp around and in front of the fireplace area. If you do not have a plastic tarp, old towels will do. Also, make sure to wear an apron and protective gloves. You may also want to wear old clothes as soot and dirt can be difficult to get off. If you have furniture close by it may…

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Cleaning Stainless Steel

How to Clean Your Dishwasher

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How to Clean Your Dishwasher Your dishwasher is always hard at work cleaning your dishes, but what cleans the dishwasher? Often times dishwashers operate for years without receiving the attention that they need and required in order to continue to run efficiently and not fall apart. Out of all of the things in your house, often times this one is neglected. Here is a list of things you will need to get your dishwasher looking new: Sponge Distilled white vinegar Baking soda Screwdriver (if needed) Dish soap Toothbrush (for small to reach areas) Microfiber cloth Stainless steel cleaner Multipurpose cleaner Instructions 1. Empty the dishwasher. Cleaning the dishwasher while it is full just won’t work. 2. Remove the racks and and other compartments that can be removed from the inside of your dishwasher. 3. Wipe the bottom of the door and any dishwasher grates that you might have (the bottom…

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House cleaning tips

Garage & House Cleaning in Phoenix

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Don’t forget your garage when house cleaning in Phoenix Living in Phoenix, Arizona you’re outside a lot and items begin to pile up in your garage day after day at the park with kids or a trip to the pool. Pretty soon your neat, clean garage has been turned upside down and you don’t know where to turn. This is normal. Your garage is where everything from Christmas decoration to scooters are stored. However, there is a way to utilize the space you do have to the full potential and this is how. First, plan a time to dedicate to cleaning out your garage and stick to it. A weekend would be best, but any day will do. Get the whole family involved! Everyone can have a role! Spread it out over a couple days so you are not overwhelmed. Second, it is time to separate. You will now place...
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How to Keep Your Laundry Room Clean

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House Cleaning Tip #341: Keeping the Laundry Room Clean A lot of work goes on in the laundry room, but how often does that work include keeping the laundry room itself clean? If you’re like most people, very little time is ever spent keeping the laundry room clean. These simple steps are an easy way to make sure your laundry room space is just as clean as your whites. Keep it Clean! Where do you start? From the top and work your way down. Wipe down any shelves with a wet microfiber cloth. Starting from the top allows the dust and dirt that you don’t collect fall down to the ground, where you will take care of it later. On those shelves, over spray and splashes of detergent can leave surfaces sticking and gross, making them a great spot for dust, link, and even bugs to accumulate. Next, run your…

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Cleaning Stainless Steel

How to Clean Stainless Steel

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Getting Down to Shine Stainless steel is a preferred material in kitchen appliances because of it resistance to corrosion. This popularity has also translated to it use in bathrooms. If you one stainless steel appliances you already know how well they can withstand time and use, this is of course as long as you give them the appropriate care and maintenance. Cleaning for stainless steel is pretty straight forward but we have a couple tips that will make sure your appliances look great. If your appliances are in pretty good shape, it could be all you need is a little warm water and a clean cloth. This is by far the safest way to clean your stainless steel without the risk of ruining the finish. Just damo you cloth with warm water and clean the the steel following the grain of the finish. Once you’re done dry to the surface...
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A clean home can help you feel better. House cleaning.

Clean To Feel Better

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Cleaning Your Home Makes You Healthier When trying to avoid sickness cleanliness is basic. There is of course factors outside our homes that will inevitably lead to sickness a couple times a year, if not more. The fact of life is that you will get sick, and if you do not take the appropriate measures the rest of your family will get sick too. Getting sick may be inevitable, but you can always prevent disease from spreading by disinfecting surfaces and following healthy habits. You probably already know that hand-washing is the single most efficient way to prevent the spreading of illnesses like the common cold. What you might be forgetting is that in most homes people use the same towels to dry everyone’s hands. Hand towels should be replaced as often as possible during this time to avoid spreading bugs around. Consider paper using paper towels as well; this…

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Home Cleaning Tile Floors

How to Clean Tile Flooring

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Tile flooring is easy to clean but definitely needs to be done daily. No one likes walking barefoot into a kitchen and feeling of the sticky or crumby tile beneath their feet, wishing they had put on socks. You have to stay on top of it! Here some basic cleaning suggestions, deep cleaning methods as well as a list of how to get rid of the build up in the grout to make your life easier. Basic Care -Vacuum or sweep daily -Clean tile with a mild detergent and warm water, using a rag or chamois-type mop, rather than a sponge mop -Exchange the water frequently throughout the process; this will increase the shine and glossy look of your floors -For everyday simple clean up you may use a clean damp dust cloth -Make sure to dry the floor with a dry mop whenever you use water wile cleaning; this…

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Spring cleaning house cleaning tips

House Cleaning Tips – Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning is right around the corner! Don’t know how to begin your attack on all the house cleaning? Here is a check list to make sure you cover all your bases and don’t miss a thing! Kitchen • De-clutter your counters and get rid of unnecessary kitchen utensils and tools • Wipe down top and front of cabinets • Wipe down backsplash • Clean inside of oven • Clean microwave and toaster oven • Clean refrigerator • Vacuum under all appliaces • Clean out pantry and get rid of unwanted food • Sweep • Mop Living Room • De-clutter anything you don’t need, want or use • Dust all cobwebs • Vacuum couches • Sweep/vacuum/mop/shampoo floors • Wash curtains and blinds Bedrooms • De-clutter clothing, shoes and anything unneeded • Wash all bedding • Flip mattress • Vacuum/sweep/mop/shampoo floors Kids and Pets • De-clutter broken toys • Disinfect toys…

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House Cleaning with Lemon

Lemons Aren’t Just for Lemonade

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Lemons aren’t just for Lemonade. 10 ways you can use lemons in house cleaning! 1. Freshen up your Garbage Disposal! Cut a lemon into quarters and drop them down the disposal, along with a teaspoon of baking soda. You won’t be disappointed! 2. Make those household cleaners smell natural! Add a few teaspoons of lemon juice to any of your cleaners for a new smell you won’t get sick of. 3. Get rid of those tablecloth stains! Simply rub half of a lemon on the stain and then set the tablecloth out in the sun for a few hours. Then simply wash as usual. 4. Let your sink look new again! Mix baking soda and lemon juice for a nice paste. Scrub the sink and be amazed by the shiny look and fresh smell! 5. Having trouble with ants? Put a few drops of lemon juice in any place you…

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