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Green Cleaning Solutions Found in Your Home

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VINEGAR Vinegar is by far one of the most versatile cleaning agents. Use it to remove soap scum from the shower. Mix it with borax to get rid of hard-water rings in the toilet. Tape a bag of vinegar to your shower head and leave it overnight for an easy, sparkly clean; or add a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar to your dish soap to eliminate grease in the kitchen. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE You use your toothbrush to clean your teeth, but don’t forget about cleaning your toothbrush. Let it soak in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes to get rid of any lingering germs. Hydrogen peroxide is also useful on many hard surfaces. Use it to scrub your toilet, trash cans, shower, mirrors and doorknob. You can even mix it with equal parts water for a safe and effective solution for mopping the bathroom and kitchen floors. LEMONS The...
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Home Cleaning Laundry

Laundry The Green Way

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Clean clothes and clean environment Yes we all love the feel and smell of clean laundry. The sensation of warmth and serenity that putting on pajamas straight out of the dryer gives. Not surprisingly the process of washing and drying your pajamas is very energy-intensive not to mention the gallons upon gallons of water that this involves. Here are some tips to get your “green on” in your laundry job. Cold/Cold: A large percentage of the energy used doing laundry is spent warming up water. Advances in Appliance and detergent technology have made to the point were washing with cold water is just as effective as hot water. Plus cold water prevents color bleed and is not as damaging to textile fabrics. So next time you start your washer, turn the temperature setting to cold. No to the Dryer Nothing beats the feel of fresh laundry out of the dryer….

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Home Cleaning Tile Floors

How to Clean Tile Flooring

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Tile flooring is easy to clean but definitely needs to be done daily. No one likes walking barefoot into a kitchen and feeling of the sticky or crumby tile beneath their feet, wishing they had put on socks. You have to stay on top of it! Here some basic cleaning suggestions, deep cleaning methods as well as a list of how to get rid of the build up in the grout to make your life easier. Basic Care -Vacuum or sweep daily -Clean tile with a mild detergent and warm water, using a rag or chamois-type mop, rather than a sponge mop -Exchange the water frequently throughout the process; this will increase the shine and glossy look of your floors -For everyday simple clean up you may use a clean damp dust cloth -Make sure to dry the floor with a dry mop whenever you use water wile cleaning; this…

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House Cleaning Oven Cleaning

A Deep Clean Kitchen Done Right

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Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen The kitchen is the most important place to deep clean.  You wash dishes and wipe down counters daily but the rest of it might get put on the back burner, literally. Here is how you can make sure not to miss a thing. Daily Dos: First, you have to take care of the daily jobs, and then you can get to the deep clean. Wash the dishes in the sink, wipe off the counters off and unload the dishwasher. Oven-on: Now the fun begins! To start, turn on your self-cleaning oven. Make sure to check it when you are done and get rid of the excess ashes of food debris at the bottom. No one needs those. Organize: Take everything out of each cupboard. Place all items on the counter and wipe out each shelf. Now you can start to decide what to keep and what…

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Spring cleaning house cleaning tips

House Cleaning Tips – Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning is right around the corner! Don’t know how to begin your attack on all the house cleaning? Here is a check list to make sure you cover all your bases and don’t miss a thing! Kitchen • De-clutter your counters and get rid of unnecessary kitchen utensils and tools • Wipe down top and front of cabinets • Wipe down backsplash • Clean inside of oven • Clean microwave and toaster oven • Clean refrigerator • Vacuum under all appliaces • Clean out pantry and get rid of unwanted food • Sweep • Mop Living Room • De-clutter anything you don’t need, want or use • Dust all cobwebs • Vacuum couches • Sweep/vacuum/mop/shampoo floors • Wash curtains and blinds Bedrooms • De-clutter clothing, shoes and anything unneeded • Wash all bedding • Flip mattress • Vacuum/sweep/mop/shampoo floors Kids and Pets • De-clutter broken toys • Disinfect toys…

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