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Monsoons and Dust

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Monsoon season hasn’t ended just yet here in Phoenix, AZ. During the monsoon season (or summer thunderstorm season), Arizona experiences severe weather that can bring high winds, dust and severe downpours. With those high winds and dust storms, your house can become very dusty and dirty. If you need help with house cleaning in Phoenix or home cleaning in Scottsdale, due to the dust that has accumulated over the monsoon season, give Queen of Maids a call or visit our website. Queen of Maids provide background checked cleaners and a 200% happiness guarantee. You can book your cleaning online, instantly. There are no pricing games or other hassles. Get started now at www.queenofmaids.com/book. House cleaning services have never been this easy.

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Home Cleaning Vacuum Tips

Vacuum the Right Way

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How to use your vacuum correctly. A lot of us will think of do not think that there is much to vacuuming, how hard can it really be? I mean, the vacuum is already doing all of the work, I just have to push it back and forward right? While that is not wrong there is a lot more to vacuuming your floors than just running the cleaner around your home. With the right knowledge you can not only keep your floors and surfaces clean, but you can also make sure your vacuum cleaner will last for years. The First thing to consider is what type of vacuum cleaner you need. Yes, there is many different types of vacuum cleaner and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. There is going to be vacuums that outperform others in certain tasks, the key is figuring what capabilities you are in need…

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Home Cleaning Tips for Eliminating Dust

Eliminate Dust in Your Home

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Make Your Home a Dust Free Zone Arizona is known for a couple of different things: Scenic views, great weather, but a lot of people forget about or unlimited amounts of DUST! When it comes to house cleaning jobs, it is almost always best to attack them at the source; with dust this is nearly impossible. Household dust is mostly comprised of dirt, skin flakes and textiles fibers; add to that living in the desert and you have a perfect storm. Unless you plan on getting rid of all your clothes, we suggest talking this issue in a more socially acceptable and efficient way. First thing is to pick you tools: You’ve probably seen a feather duster before, yes they look fancy and are probably a lot of fun to play with, but they only move dust around instead of capturing it. Instead, get yourself a damp soft cloth or...
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