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House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning in Phoenix

It’s that time of year again in Phoenix, Arizona where many households are gearing up for a busy fall schedule. Kids are going to school, off to college, and work seems to always be demanding more and more time. It’s also that time of year where Phoenix experiences a lot of weather changes, from monsoons in August to the perfect weather in October. Queen of Maids is here to help with getting your cleaning schedule up and going to help easy the burden of your busy schedule.

Here are a few tips on building a schedule for House Cleaning in Phoenix

Home cleaning is a lot of work and it is easy to lose track and end up with a dirty home in only a matter of days. But house cleaning does not need to be difficult! If you plan out a clenaing schedule for your home, it will help you to keep the house clean without needing to put in those long cleaning Saturdays. With a cleaning routine, your house will not be perfect at once, but it will be clean most of the time. Keeping a clean home take time, repetition, and someone to complete the tasks. Here is a suggested cleaning schedule you can start with:

MONDAY [BATHROOMS]: Clean all your bathrooms. This includes cleaning the mirrors, counters, sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, and tubs. Make sure you wipe your way out of the bathroom to leave a clean floor.

TUESDAY [DUST]: Start at the top and dust your way down. It is usually best to use a microfiber cloth for the areas you can reach. For those higher surfaces, you may need an duster with an extension. Be sure to start at the top though! Otherwise, you will be creating more cleaning work for yourself.

WEDNESDAY [VACUUM]: Vacuum all the floors in your home. It can be quick and simple if you keep up on this task. Make sure you take the time to get all of the corners and crevices though.

THURSDAY [WASH FLOORS]: Wash all the floors in your home with a good product.

FRIDAY [SHEETS & TOWELS]: Wash all the sheets and towels. Put the sheets back on beds and put towels away. This will help keep your bathrooms and beds smelling clean and fresh.

SATURDAY [REAL CLEANING]: Find any areas that are “getting behind” and get to work. Saturday is often times a good day to catch up on any tasks you didn’t get a chance to complete.

SUNDAY [NOTHING]: Relax and enjoy your day.

Want an Alternative to a Cleaning? Maybe it’s time for a house cleaning service.

If you don’t have time to keep up with a cleaning schedule because of your own schedule, you can always book a cleaning online through our website or you can give us a call. You can be confident when booking with Queen of Maids because the cleaners are background checked, we have a 200% happiness guarantee, no contracts, no upselling, straight forward pricing, insured cleanings, instant online scheduling, easy online payment, and awesome customer service.