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How to Make Thanksgiving Cleaning Easier

Thanksgiving house cleaning

Thanksgiving is a special day of celebrations and traditions where family and food come together to celebrate. Even though Thanksgiving makes for great memories, the post-meal clean-up is not one of them.

A lot of work goes into pulling off a successful Thanksgiving. To make Thanksgiving a little bit easier we recommend following these tips to save yourself time and effort, so you can spend more time eating, relaxing, and enjoying the holiday. Also be sure to avoid common cleaning mistakes, so that you don’t have to repeat your cleaning efforts!

Before Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

Having a plan is the best way to cut down on your time spent cleaning up. You can save time by taking cleaning steps as you cooking.

Here are our top cleaning tips for cooking and cleaning on Thanksgiving:

Clear out the fridge.  Before the Thanksgiving holiday gets ahead of you, clear out your fridge by removing old leftovers and expired food. This will help when you are looking for fridge space to fit your Thanksgiving leftovers.

Empty the dishwasher. Make sure you empty your dishwasher before you start cooking, that way you can cook and load the dishwasher as you progress. All make sure to unload the dishwasher before mealtime, that way recently used dishes and be put right in the dishwasher, instead of pilling up for later.

Recruit helpers. Make sure your family knows they will need to help clean up right after the meal! This way the expectation is set and they are ready to help.

After Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

After the big meal is when most of the house cleaning takes place, but it doesn’t have to be a long or tedious task. If you’ve followed the pre-meal tips above, these post-turkey tips will help you get the cleaning done quickly.

Put those recruits to work. Take your team of cleaning recruits and assign them to different tasks in the kitchen.

Clearing tables. Have someone in charge of clearing the table and wiping the counters down.

Washing dishes. While one person clears the table, have another take the incoming dishes and get them washed or loaded into the dishwasher.

Storing left overs. One person can be designated to condensing left overs into smaller containers. Those dishes can then be passed on to the dishwashing team member.

Sweeping the floors. And the final step is to have someone sweep up after all the other tasks have been completed.

Want a deeper post-thanksgiving clean? We can help! If you want to have that nice fresh and clean feeling in your home after your guests stayed and dirtied the house up, visit us online and book a cleaning in 2 minutes.

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