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House cleaning tips

Don’t forget your garage when house cleaning in Phoenix

Living in Phoenix, Arizona you’re outside a lot and items begin to pile up in your garage day after day at the park with kids or a trip to the pool. Pretty soon your neat, clean garage has been turned upside down and you don’t know where to turn. This is normal. Your garage is where everything from Christmas decoration to scooters are stored. However, there is a way to utilize the space you do have to the full potential and this is how.

First, plan a time to dedicate to cleaning out your garage and stick to it. A weekend would be best, but any day will do. Get the whole family involved! Everyone can have a role! Spread it out over a couple days so you are not overwhelmed.

Second, it is time to separate. You will now place items in four categories: 1) Items to keep 2) Items to throw away 3) Items to give away and 4) Other Items such as those you need to return, repair or replace. This is time consuming but once it’s done you will be so grateful and the rest is all downhill!

Third, look at the items in your keep pile to determine what you need to buy. If you have a lot of tools or sports items, you may want to purchase shelving or racks or possibly a tool wall for easy access. Here in Phoenix most people have some outdoor toys such as bikes, scooters or strollers. If this is the case, a hanging bike rack would be useful. If you have a lot of holiday decorations or small items you may consider buying bins and labeling them. Once you make a decision on what you need, get rid of your trash pile right away. Then makes sure to take a drive a return items that aren’t yours.

Fourth, go shopping! Purchase the items you need and make sure everything has a place. Label your bins and stick to that. This would also be a great time to sell your items to give away pile online. Etsy and ebay are popular sites to sell used items. You could also use local Facebook pages.

Fifth, Be sure to be safe! Do not store propane in the garage. When handling chemicals make sure to use gloves. Think carefully before placing a large heavy item, such as a ladder. It would be smart to put a ladder horizontal and close to the ground to insure falling would not be an issue. Surprisingly messy garages can lead to hazards and accidents. Keeping a clean and tidy storage space will prevent items falling and spilling and will keep you and your family safe.

Sixth, once you have put everything in its pace, it is time to tackle the floor. Use a broom to sweep the floor and use a vacuum to clean up the extra dust, spider webs and debri. Make sure to also wipe down all of the walls and corners to get rid of any bugs or webs. Be careful and watch for cockroaches! This would also be a great time to clean up any spills, paint or oil, and even refinish your garage floor.

You’re job is now done! Enjoy your clean garage and maybe the warm Arizona weather outside!