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Common House Cleaning Mistakes You Can Avoid

house cleaning mistakes to avoid

When people think about how they want to spend their free time, they almost never want to spend it on cleaning the house. So when it is time to get your chores and house cleaning done, make sure you do it right so that it stays cleaner longer! We’ve gathered a list of the most common home cleaning mistakes that people make.

1. Too Much Polish?

Spraying polish directly into the furniture ends up making things worse in the long run, as it creates a build-up that is hard to remove and will only attract more dust. Always spray your polish in a microfiber cloth and then apply the polish.

2. That Sponge is… Gross!

Using dirty sponges is a worldwide problem. No, really! A study published in Scientific Reports found over 362 different types of bacteria on kitchen sponges. If you do not sanitize your sponges, then you are pro-actively spreading germs in your home. An easy way to sanitize a sponge is by microwaving it.  Fill a microwaveable dish with water, soak your sponge, and then set the microwave on high for a minute or two. The microwave is an effective way of killing bacteria, zapping 99.9% of germs in a sponge.

3. Smelly Rags

Using the same rag around the house. Same idea with the sponge if you don’t clean the rag, despite you spritzing it with a cleaning solution, it will only spread the germs from one surface to another. To avoid this, designate a microfiber for each part of the home that needs to be wiped.

4. Lighter Than a Feather!

Using a feather duster is okay, right? A feather duster can be useful, in some cases.  But as a method for removing dust from your home, it does a better job of spreading dust around your home. Limit using a feather duster to getting into small cracks. Do not use a feather duster on the majority of the surfaces in your home, as it does not attract and hold that dust, but just pushes it to other places in your home. Instead, use a duster that has a static “stick” that holds onto the dust or a damp microfiber cloth.

5. Let the Light Shine!

Cleaning windows on a sunny day can lead to problems if it is also hot out! The heat from the sun will dry your window cleaning product faster than you can actually clean, which will leave streaks. A cloudy day is your best bet when cleaning your windows.

6. Spill or Stains on Carpet

Immediately scrubbing carpet spills is probably our reflex when we drop coffee or Bolognese sauce on the carpet but do not rush to do that as it may twist the fibers on your carpet.  Blot the spill first with a paper towel and then treat it with a stain remover.

7. Germs in Your Cutting Board?

Washing your cutting board with dish soap is not ideal as the crack on its surface can trap microscopic food particles which can then become a breeding ground for bacteria. The best way to clean a cutting board (both wood and plastic) is to soak it in hydrogen peroxide or bleach solution. Wash with water and dry completely.

8. A Vacuum that Makes Things Worse.

Not cleaning the vacuum is a cleaning mistake because when the filter has not been changed or cleaned its ability to pick up dust or dirt will decrease, worst, dirt can also be blown back by the dusty vent.  It is best to change or empty canisters as soon as they become full. Wipe vacuum attachments as well with a microfiber cloth.

9. Crumbs, Crumbs, Crumbs.

Always take out crumbs in crevices before proceeding to clean otherwise it will defeat the purpose of you cleaning it. It is also best to use a “top-down” approach when cleaning, which means you clean higher surfaces first, which allows dust, crumbs, etc., to fall down to the lower surfaces. Then you can effectively clean the lower surfaces without having to re-clean them after dust lands on them from the higher surfaces.

10. You Touch That?

Do you clean your tv your remote? It’s not really one of those checklist items that most people have on their cleaning list, but almost everyone in your household will touch the tv remote.  That’s why it is important to sanitize your remote at least once a week.

Automate Your House Cleaning

If you ever find yourself without the time to properly clean your home, you can always get a price & book online.

If you are a DIY type of person, read our other articles to level-up your house cleaning skills. To get a head start, we recommend learning about the 6 areas you might not be cleaning enough in your home.

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