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Declutter your home

5 Steps to De-clutter Your Dresser


1. Start with a Clean Slate

Get started by clearing everything off from the dresser top. Often times this works best by placing everything in an empty laundry basket or box. All done? Awesome! You probably had more stuff on there than you thought! Take a look at all that stuff in your basket. Now you know what you’re working with and what needs to stay and what needs to go.

2. Dump the Trash
Take all of the stuff that belongs in the garbage and put it there! Do it quickly too, otherwise it might end up in a different spot in your home.

3. Dust, Clean, & Polish
Take a couple minutes to wipe down the dresser top and sides. Give some special attention to any areas that have built up dust or stains.

4. Return Items to Their Correct Place
Now look back in your basket and start putting things where they belong. Some of those items may need to be placed right back on your dresser, but this time they will stand free of the other junk that was originally there.

5. Make it a Habit
It will be easy to let your dresser get cluttered back up. Come up with a simple plan to keep clutter off your dresser! This can be done by having a “junk drawer” or a decorative dish that where you can place your smaller items such as keys, lip balm, etc.