Don’t forget your garage when house cleaning in Phoenix

Living in Phoenix, Arizona you’re outside a lot and items begin to pile up in your garage day after day at the park with kids or a trip to the pool. Pretty soon your neat, clean garage has been turned upside down and you don’t know where to turn. This is normal. Your garage is where everything from Christmas decoration to scooters are stored. However, there is a way to utilize the space you do have to the full potential and this is how.

First, plan a time to dedicate to cleaning out your garage and stick to it. A weekend would be best, but any day will do. Get the whole family involved! Everyone can have a role! Spread it out over a couple days so you are not overwhelmed.

Second, it is time to separate. You will now place items in four categories: 1) Items to keep 2) Items to throw away 3) Items to give away and 4) Other Items such as those you need to return, repair or replace. This is time consuming but once it’s done you will be so grateful and the rest is all downhill!

Third, look at the items in your keep pile to determine what you need to buy. If you have a lot of tools or sports items, you may want to purchase shelving or racks or possibly a tool wall for easy access. Here in Phoenix most people have some outdoor toys such as bikes, scooters or strollers. If this is the case, a hanging bike rack would be useful. If you have a lot of holiday decorations or small items you may consider buying bins and labeling them. Once you make a decision on what you need, get rid of your trash pile right away. Then makes sure to take a drive a return items that aren’t yours.

Fourth, go shopping! Purchase the items you need and make sure everything has a place. Label your bins and stick to that. This would also be a great time to sell your items to give away pile online. Etsy and ebay are popular sites to sell used items. You could also use local Facebook pages.

Fifth, Be sure to be safe! Do not store propane in the garage. When handling chemicals make sure to use gloves. Think carefully before placing a large heavy item, such as a ladder. It would be smart to put a ladder horizontal and close to the ground to insure falling would not be an issue. Surprisingly messy garages can lead to hazards and accidents. Keeping a clean and tidy storage space will prevent items falling and spilling and will keep you and your family safe.

Sixth, once you have put everything in its pace, it is time to tackle the floor. Use a broom to sweep the floor and use a vacuum to clean up the extra dust, spider webs and debri. Make sure to also wipe down all of the walls and corners to get rid of any bugs or webs. Be careful and watch for cockroaches! This would also be a great time to clean up any spills, paint or oil, and even refinish your garage floor.

You’re job is now done! Enjoy your clean garage and maybe the warm Arizona weather outside!

House Cleaning in Phoenix

It’s that time of year again in Phoenix, Arizona where many households are gearing up for a busy fall schedule. Kids are going to school, off to college, and work seems to always be demanding more and more time. It’s also that time of year where Phoenix experiences a lot of weather changes, from monsoons in August to the perfect weather in October. Queen of Maids is here to help with getting your cleaning schedule up and going to help easy the burden of your busy schedule.

Here are a few tips on building a schedule for House Cleaning in Phoenix

Home cleaning is a lot of work and it is easy to lose track and end up with a dirty home in only a matter of days. But house cleaning does not need to be difficult! If you plan out a clenaing schedule for your home, it will help you to keep the house clean without needing to put in those long cleaning Saturdays. With a cleaning routine, your house will not be perfect at once, but it will be clean most of the time. Keeping a clean home take time, repetition, and someone to complete the tasks. Here is a suggested cleaning schedule you can start with:

MONDAY [BATHROOMS]: Clean all your bathrooms. This includes cleaning the mirrors, counters, sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, and tubs. Make sure you wipe your way out of the bathroom to leave a clean floor.

TUESDAY [DUST]: Start at the top and dust your way down. It is usually best to use a microfiber cloth for the areas you can reach. For those higher surfaces, you may need an duster with an extension. Be sure to start at the top though! Otherwise, you will be creating more cleaning work for yourself.

WEDNESDAY [VACUUM]: Vacuum all the floors in your home. It can be quick and simple if you keep up on this task. Make sure you take the time to get all of the corners and crevices though.

THURSDAY [WASH FLOORS]: Wash all the floors in your home with a good product.

FRIDAY [SHEETS & TOWELS]: Wash all the sheets and towels. Put the sheets back on beds and put towels away. This will help keep your bathrooms and beds smelling clean and fresh.

SATURDAY [REAL CLEANING]: Find any areas that are “getting behind” and get to work. Saturday is often times a good day to catch up on any tasks you didn’t get a chance to complete.

SUNDAY [NOTHING]: Relax and enjoy your day.

Want an Alternative to a Cleaning? Maybe it’s time for a house cleaning service.

If you don’t have time to keep up with a cleaning schedule because of your own schedule, you can always book a cleaning online through our website or you can give us a call. You can be confident when booking with Queen of Maids because the cleaners are background checked, we have a 200% happiness guarantee, no contracts, no upselling, straight forward pricing, insured cleanings, instant online scheduling, easy online payment, and awesome customer service.

Make a Simple House Cleaning Schedule

The simplest way to keep your home reliably clean is by sticking to a predetermined schedule. No worries, it’s not as hard as it sounds. A complete home cleaning schedule can help you to feel less stressed. By sticking to a cleaning schedule, it’s easier to get things cleaned, and quicker too. The trick to keeping your house cleaning while keeping it easy lies in making a realistic schedule that really works for you and your home.

Here is a cleaning checklist that you can use or customize to your liking!

Step 1: Prep Work

The first step is to get a good idea of exactly what must be done for you to have a clean home. To get started, grab a pen and paper and walk through your home, room by room, and make a list of the areas and tasks that will make up your schedule.

Step 2: List Your Rooms
Next, let’s break that list down into more specifics. List all of rooms and areas in your home that need regular cleaning, including the most commonly used areas such as stairs, halls, and entryways. Leave out the areas that you don’t often use, such as a guest or storage room, from this regular cleaning list. Instead, place them on a monthly or seasonal cleaning checklist.

Step 3: Identify Tasks
Make sure to look through each room on your schedule, one at a time. Take a couple minutes to list all the cleaning tasks you need to perform regularly in that room. When listing these items, order the items from top to bottom, meaning that you start with the ceiling and work you way down to the floor, as this will be the same order in which you will clean.

Step 4: Build From This List
To get your list started, here is a basic checklist that you can build on.

All Rooms

Dust light fixtures
Dust ceiling fan
Dust corner cobwebs
Clean door handles and
Dust doorframes
Dust window ledges and windowsills,
Dust blinds
Dust picture frames, lampshades and furniture
Dust knickknacks, books, etc.
Vacuum or shake out rugs
Sweep or vacuum floors
Mop floors

Add for Kitchen

Dust cabinet exteriors
Clean and sanitize counters
Clean and sanitize sink
Clean stove, oven, and range hood
Clean microwave inside and out
Wipe down appliances

Add for Bathrooms

Dust lights (while not hot)
Whip and clean mirrors
Clean and sanitize counters and sink
Wipe down cabinet fronts
Clean and sanitize toilet
Clean and sanitize shower, shower door,
Clean and sanitize tub
Vacuum and mop floor

Step 5. Select Frequency

Decide how often you want and need to clean each room. Most areas probably need a weekly or biweekly cleaning. When thinking about frequency, you should consider your lifestyle. Depending on your living style and who is in the home, the schedule for the cleaning the areas in your home may differ drastically.

Step 6: Practice Your Schedule
Schedule and start your round of cleaning. Limit the time spent in each room so that you do not over work yourself. The purpose is to find a happy balance of time and cleaning. By limiting your time, you will be able to reevaluate the schedule you created and make adjustments as needed.

Step 7: Stay On Schedule
Print out your task list so that you have it with you. It would be helpful to put a plastic sheet protector over it as well, so that it does not fall apart as you take it with you on your cleaning journeys.

Just like appointments with people, mark your cleaning appointments down on your calendar to make sure they become an automatic part of your routine.

If you can’t finish your cleaning tasks on a scheduled day, don’t worry about it. You can choose to complete a quick version of your cleaning tasks or reschedule. Just make sure you follow through.

Step 8: Reevaluate Your Schedule
After the practice month is over, take a few minutes to review how things went. During your review, think about what worked and what didn’t. Make adjustments with the things that didn’t work for the following month. Continue reevaluating monthly until you work out a schedule that works for you.

Step 9: Make It a Habit
Stick to your schedule and make it a habit. Once it’s a habit, the real time savings will start kicking in and you will have a clean house with minimal effort.

How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen

Read about time-saving tips, methods, and to-do lists for getting your kitchen cleaned quick.

Kitchen Cleaning List

When cleaning your kitchen it is often best to start with the sink.  A clean and shiny sink becomes your kitchen’s focal point for hygiene and cleanliness, help you to always load the dishwasher immediately and keep counter tops, the stove top, and refrigerator doors clean as well.

Each Day

Wipe down the sink after doing the dishes
Wipe down the stove top and the fridge
Wipe down the counters
Sweep or vacuum the floor

Each Week

Give the floor a good mopping
Wipe the exterior of your cabinets
Wipe down your backsplashes
Wash the outside of your appliances
Clean the inside of the garbage can

Every Four Months

Empty and clean the inside of the refrigerator
Empty and clean the your utensil drawers and other drawers
Clean and polish the exterior of your cupboards
Clean the stove-hood and filter

Is it time to clean your room? Can’t get your head in the game? We’ve created this article to give you a few easy cleaning steps to get your head in the game and get your room cleaned. Here you go! The game plan we recommend includes three steps: (1) pick up, (2) wipe down, (3) vacuum out.

Game Plan for Cleaning Bedrooms

Step 1 – Pickup

This step involves picking up garbage and recycling materials and putting them there they belong. This step also includes quick organization of objects in your room and taking other objects out of your room (ones that don’t belong there). As you go around your room, look from top to bottom and scan left to right for any items that need to be moved or trashed. Any items you don’t need in that room can be placed in a bag or empty laundry basket as an easy way to clear the junk. Just make sure you put those object in their right correct places after you finish with your room. Next you should pick up clothes, sort the the dirty clothes from the clean ones and fold the clean clothes. Check your sheets and remove them if they are dirty and replace them with fresh sheets.

Step 2 – Clean

This step is all about the cleaning. To clean your room effectively, start by dusting up high and working your way down towards the floors. When you reach other surfaces, you can wash or wipe them with with a microfiber towel and an appropriate cleaner.

Step 3 – Finishing Touches

This step puts the final touch on cleaning your room. After you have organized, dusted, and cleaned the surfaces in your room, make sure to sweep and vacuum your floor (mopping if necessary).

Getting Down to Shine

Stainless steel is a preferred material in kitchen appliances because of it resistance to corrosion. This popularity has also translated to it use in bathrooms. If you one stainless steel appliances you already know how well they can withstand time and use, this is of course as long as you give them the appropriate care and maintenance. Cleaning for stainless steel is pretty straight forward but we have a couple tips that will make sure your appliances look great.

If your appliances are in pretty good shape, it could be all you need is a little warm water and a clean cloth. This is by far the safest way to clean your stainless steel without the risk of ruining the finish. Just damo you cloth with warm water and clean the the steel following the grain of the finish. Once you’re done dry to the surface with a clean towel (microfiber works best) following the grain of the steel. Make sure to dry it right away as the minerals in the water can leave little water spots.

Let’s pretend for a second that your appliances are perhaps a little dirtier and you need a little extra cleaning power. For jobs like this, warm water and a mild detergent can go great ways. You can start with a little bit of detergent and gradually add more to the mix if needed. Just like with plain water make sure to rinse and dry right after you’re done; this again to avoid leaving any water marks.

One of the main concerns people have with their stainless steel appliances is how easy it is to leave fingerprints all over. When getting rid of these a little glass cleaner will do the magic. Spray a little glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth and gently scrub the fingerprints away. Alway try to follow the grain of the surface to avoid an off-looking finish.

In some cases, especially if there is scratching or staining, it is a good idea to use a stainless steel cleaner/polish. This type of products focus on accentuating that shine we relate to stainless steel. Like with any new product, make sure you go over the instructions before you apply anything on your appliances. It is important to clean the surface of the appliance before using any polish, this is to avoid scratching the finish. Just like before, make sure to use a clean microfiber cloth to absorb any excess product.

Whenever you are getting ready to try a new cleaning product or process it is always recommended to start with a small inconspicuous area, asses the results and if pleasing move on to the rest of the surface being cleaned. As with any “finished” surface it is always best to take your time and judge the quality of the cleaning job before moving on to the big stuff.

At the end the best way to keep your stainless steel looking great for longer is through cleanliness and maintenance; make sure you keep those two things constant and your appliances will keep that great look and feel you love.

Phoenix House Cleaning Providers

In search of the best house cleaning in Phoenix? Look no further. Our cleaning service pros are top of the line and to back them up, we offer 200 percent guaranteed they will deliver a house cleaning like no other. We understand how important convenience is to you, which is why we have an option for you to book your house cleaning service online.

Online booking is simple and easy. First, you give us all of the pertinent details about your home and what type of house cleaning you require. We provide several different custom cleaning options for you to choose from. Then, it’s time to enter your zip code and take a look at our handy online calendar to find a date and time that work best for your schedule.

From there, all you need to do is confirm your booking with our house cleaning service and you are ready to experience our quality cleaning service providers for yourself. Just sit back, put your feet up and they will take care of your house cleaning needs. Everyone could use some extra free time to take care of other important aspects of their life and we pride ourselves on providing it for you.

Our customer service is second to none. Every cleaner that we work with goes thorough a background check and the cleanings are insured. When it comes to house cleaning in Phoenix, we are always among the highest rated and our pricing structure is simple and easy to understand. We believe in providing flat rate pricing to all of our valued customers.

In the event that you are not totally satisfied with the cleaners we send and their ability to have your house looking its best, we are more than happy to send out a second cleaner to get the job done right, at no additional charge. Our services are available to a variety of Arizona residents. The service area we cater to not only includes Phoenix, but Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Paradise Valley.

The house cleaning services that we have available are all inclusive. A patron is able to get exactly what they are paying for, with our easy to understand flat rates. Our business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, received an award from Angie’s List for superior service and is widely considered to be one of Arizona’s finest local businesses.

Queen Of Maids delivers an unparalleled house cleaning experience, allowing you to relax and let the professionals take care of all of your house cleaning needs. There is no better house cleaning in Phoenix when it comes to easy booking and trustworthy cleaners. We hold our customer service representatives to a high standard of excellence. Your satisfaction is 200 percent guaranteed and we will do everything in our power to ensure your happiness.

Cleaning Your Home Makes You Healthier

When trying to avoid sickness cleanliness is basic. There is of course factors outside our homes that will inevitably lead to sickness a couple times a year, if not more. The fact of life is that you will get sick, and if you do not take the appropriate measures the rest of your family will get sick too. Getting sick may be inevitable, but you can always prevent disease from spreading by disinfecting surfaces and following healthy habits.

You probably already know that hand-washing is the single most efficient way to prevent the spreading of illnesses like the common cold. What you might be forgetting is that in most homes people use the same towels to dry everyone’s hands. Hand towels should be replaced as often as possible during this time to avoid spreading bugs around. Consider paper using paper towels as well; this is not a very ecologically friendly approach, but it is an option to be considered.

Our second recommendation would be to maintain a clean bathroom. After all that is where most of us will be washing our hands. Keep your sink handles and toilets clean to avoid more cross contamination. Another good idea would be to limit yourself to use one bathroom and avoid maintain this habit until everybody is feeling better.

If you have little ones that have fallen ill, a good thing to do would be to clean and disinfect toys and play areas. You may do this on a regular basis already, but it is especially important to maintain toys and common areas disinfected. Along with the idea of cleaning toys, make sure the “toys” of the older children are also clean. Of course we are talking electronics: Keyboards, TV remote, and video game controllers are great things to keep in mind.

If you are sick enough to miss work, you will probably spend a good time of your “time-off” stuck in bed. You need to make sure your sheets and pillow are clean and disinfected after your get better. You want eliminate the source of the illness altogether; you probably don’t want to sleep on dirty sheets anyways. While you’re at it you might also want to flip your mattress.

Another benefit of maintaining a clean home is the comfortable feeling you get walking into a tidy place. If you are already feeling down, the last thing you need is to feel even sick in the space that you are in. Nobody wants to clean while under the weather, but the feeling afterwards is totally worth it.

Cleaning your home is not a bulletproof way to stay healthy, there are external factors that will eventually get you sick. Cleaning will make sure that you are not spreading the bug around your family and hopefully will shorten the time you spend under the weather.

Make Your Home a Dust Free Zone

Arizona is known for a couple of different things: Scenic views, great weather, but a lot of people forget about or unlimited amounts of DUST! When it comes to house cleaning jobs, it is almost always best to attack them at the source; with dust this is nearly impossible. Household dust is mostly comprised of dirt, skin flakes and textiles fibers; add to that living in the desert and you have a perfect storm. Unless you plan on getting rid of all your clothes, we suggest talking this issue in a more socially acceptable and efficient way.

First thing is to pick you tools: You’ve probably seen a feather duster before, yes they look fancy and are probably a lot of fun to play with, but they only move dust around instead of capturing it. Instead, get yourself a damp soft cloth or a microfiber duster, these will capture the dust and keep it from going everywhere. A vacuum would be another thing to have handy, a lot of surfaces are better of vacuumed than to dusted.

Now that you have your tools up and ready it is time to get to cleaning your house. It is better to go in with a plan, don’t just dust anywhere, follow a path through your home and stick to it. it might as obvious, but it is always better to go from top to bottom. Another good practice is to move through the room clockwise or counterclockwise, this way you make sure you do not miss any spots. Do not forget to get to those hard to reach places as dust likes to accumulate especially in those hard to reach spots.

The truth is that no matter how much time you spend doing house cleaning, dust will keep coming back week after week. There is no practical way to keep 100% of the dust reappearing later next week, but there is a number of different things you can look for that can keep your home dust-free for a longer time.

Your A/C not only maintains your home at a comfortable temperature but it also maintains the airflow in your home, make sure that your air filter is well maintained. A clean air filter will reduce the amount of dust that makes it back to you living spaces.

As I mentioned before, dust is made in a large percentage of skin flakes and fabric, what better place to find these than your bed. Your bed sheet need to be changed and cleaned on a regular basis, this will keep the amount of dust coming from you bed in check.

A lot of the dust coming into our homes comes from outside, a mat in your front door or just inside of your home will keep a lot of the dirt in your shoes from coming into your home. Of course make sure to clean this mat every once in a while.

Of course you can always the professionals from Queen of Maids help you out and handle your dust for you. Either way follow these simple tips and be sure that your home will look and feel more clean.

Spring Cleaning is right around the corner! Don’t know how to begin your attack on all the house cleaning?

Here is a check list to make sure you cover all your bases and don’t miss a thing!

• De-clutter your counters and get rid of unnecessary kitchen utensils and tools
• Wipe down top and front of cabinets
• Wipe down backsplash
• Clean inside of oven
• Clean microwave and toaster oven
• Clean refrigerator
• Vacuum under all appliaces
• Clean out pantry and get rid of unwanted food
• Sweep
• Mop

Living Room
• De-clutter anything you don’t need, want or use
• Dust all cobwebs
• Vacuum couches
• Sweep/vacuum/mop/shampoo floors
• Wash curtains and blinds

• De-clutter clothing, shoes and anything unneeded
• Wash all bedding
• Flip mattress
• Vacuum/sweep/mop/shampoo floors

Kids and Pets
• De-clutter broken toys
• Disinfect toys
• Bathe pets
• Wash water/food bowls

• De-clutter toiletries, cabinets and drawers
• Wash Shower curtain
• Clean tub and toilet
• Sweep/mop floors

Laundry Room
• De-clutter cleaning supplies you don’t need
• Clean washer and dryer inside and outside
• Sweep/mop floors

All around the House
• Clean all ceiling fans
• Wash windows and mirrors
• Change batteries to smoke detectors
• Wipe down walls and baseboards
• Clean air vents

If this still isn’t motivating you to get it all done- Let us take it off your hands!