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How to use your vacuum correctly.

A lot of us will think of do not think that there is much to vacuuming, how hard can it really be? I mean, the vacuum is already doing all of the work, I just have to push it back and forward right? While that is not wrong there is a lot more to vacuuming your floors than just running the cleaner around your home. With the right knowledge you can not only keep your floors and surfaces clean, but you can also make sure your vacuum cleaner will last for years.

The First thing to consider is what type of vacuum cleaner you need. Yes, there is many different types of vacuum cleaner and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. There is going to be vacuums that outperform others in certain tasks, the key is figuring what capabilities you are in need of. But we won’t get too into the different types of vacuums; you can always look at reviews of these on the internet.

For a normal house cleaning vacuuming should be pretty straight forward. You choose a room or area to clean, you find a power outlet, you clean. The truth is that we often forget to do the little things that really make the difference. Whenever you are cleaning hard floors (tile or hardwood) make sure to get those corners with the crevice attachment on your vacuum.

If your home is like most Arizona homes, a portion of your home’s floor is carpet. Very comfortable and soft but also great at attracting and hiding dirt within its fibers. To make sure that you get all of that dirt off your floors you have to make sure that your vacuum really gets in between the carpets fibers. You have to start by the corner that is the farthest from the door. Start by vacuuming parallel to the door, once you get to the door go ahead start all-over again only that this time you’ll do it on a perpendicular motion. This will really moves those fibers around and gets that dirt off your floor.

Now that you’re making sure that your carpets and floors will stay clean and will last long; now it is time to make sure your vacuum will too. A brand new vacuum can run anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to almost $1000, so it is in everyone’s best interest that these piece of equipment last for more than a couple months.

First make sure to unplug the vacuum, this is probably a good time to check the power cord for any wear and tear, if there is make sure to cover it up with some electrical tape. Check your vacuum’s bin or bag for any debris, the cleaner the inside of your machine, the better suction it will provide. If your vacuum has any filter make sure to inspect and clean those as these also have an effect on the vacuum’s ability to pick up dust and dirt.

Clean the brush roll, that spinning part that sweeps the extra dirt in. It will most likely be covered with hair and gunk. Make sure to clear the brush of any hair as this can reduce its cleaning effectivity.Probably the last to do would be to make sure that nothing is obstructing the way from the brush to the bin or bag. Making sure that the hose isn’t block will make sure that you does a good job cleaning without causing any extra strain on the motor.

If you follow these simple tips you can be sure that your home cleaning goes great and a vacuum that will last for years.


Make Your Home a Dust Free Zone

Arizona is known for a couple of different things: Scenic views, great weather, but a lot of people forget about or unlimited amounts of DUST! When it comes to house cleaning jobs, it is almost always best to attack them at the source; with dust this is nearly impossible. Household dust is mostly comprised of dirt, skin flakes and textiles fibers; add to that living in the desert and you have a perfect storm. Unless you plan on getting rid of all your clothes, we suggest talking this issue in a more socially acceptable and efficient way.

First thing is to pick you tools: You’ve probably seen a feather duster before, yes they look fancy and are probably a lot of fun to play with, but they only move dust around instead of capturing it. Instead, get yourself a damp soft cloth or a microfiber duster, these will capture the dust and keep it from going everywhere. A vacuum would be another thing to have handy, a lot of surfaces are better of vacuumed than to dusted.

Now that you have your tools up and ready it is time to get to cleaning your house. It is better to go in with a plan, don’t just dust anywhere, follow a path through your home and stick to it. it might as obvious, but it is always better to go from top to bottom. Another good practice is to move through the room clockwise or counterclockwise, this way you make sure you do not miss any spots. Do not forget to get to those hard to reach places as dust likes to accumulate especially in those hard to reach spots.

The truth is that no matter how much time you spend doing house cleaning, dust will keep coming back week after week. There is no practical way to keep 100% of the dust reappearing later next week, but there is a number of different things you can look for that can keep your home dust-free for a longer time.

Your A/C not only maintains your home at a comfortable temperature but it also maintains the airflow in your home, make sure that your air filter is well maintained. A clean air filter will reduce the amount of dust that makes it back to you living spaces.

As I mentioned before, dust is made in a large percentage of skin flakes and fabric, what better place to find these than your bed. Your bed sheet need to be changed and cleaned on a regular basis, this will keep the amount of dust coming from you bed in check.

A lot of the dust coming into our homes comes from outside, a mat in your front door or just inside of your home will keep a lot of the dirt in your shoes from coming into your home. Of course make sure to clean this mat every once in a while.

Of course you can always the professionals from Queen of Maids help you out and handle your dust for you. Either way follow these simple tips and be sure that your home will look and feel more clean.