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Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important place to deep clean.  You wash dishes and wipe down counters daily but the rest of it might get put on the back burner, literally. Here is how you can make sure not to miss a thing.

Daily Dos:
First, you have to take care of the daily jobs, and then you can get to the deep clean.
Wash the dishes in the sink, wipe off the counters off and unload the dishwasher.

Now the fun begins! To start, turn on your self-cleaning oven. Make sure to check it when you are done and get rid of the excess ashes of food debris at the bottom. No one needs those.

Take everything out of each cupboard. Place all items on the counter and wipe out each shelf. Now you can start to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Make piles of trash and donation, then place the rest of the items neatly back inside the cupboards.
Now lets hit the drawers. We all have those junk drawers we are procrastinating. Get rid of anything you are not using and de-clutter! Make sure to wipe them out before placing any items back into them.
Then, it is time to tackle the fridge and freezer. Throw away anything that is freezer burnt or questionable. Wipe down all surfaces and wash drawers in the sink that are removable. Dry all surfaces and place items back inside the fridge/freezer.
Tip: to get rid of sticky food left behind mix vinegar with dish soap and wipe clean

Under the Sink:
Make sure everything is labeled. Refill any products that are running low. Wipe out area and let it dry completely before placing products back. Run your garbage disposal with half a lemon and hot water. It will give your kitchen a fresh smell.

Almost done:
Turn off your oven and sweep up any mess you made with the ashes. Then mop! Makes sure to pay special attention to corner and baseboards. Also, pull out any appliances that can be moved in order to get underneath.

This sounds like a lengthy process and it is! Try listening to some music to pass the time, or just give us a call!