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6 Ways to Make a Clean Closet Smell Good

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Closet Smell Good!

Smells are very powerful. In fact, a smell gives either a great or an awful first impression. This gives the scent-status of your clothes a completely new level of importance!

If your closet or other areas in your home are not up to par on its smell, give a few of these tips a try:

1. Bar Soap
Get a sweet smelling bar of soap and a storage container. Place folded clothes in the storage container. Then cover the clothes with a cloth such as a napkin or thin tablecloth. Make sure it is breathable. Set the soap on top. Close the lid and set the box aside. In about two to four hours, the clothes in the box will have absorbed the scent of the soap. You may also place the soap on the shelf and allow it to do its thing. The stronger soaps work best for this.

2. Perfume
Perfume usually won’t make a bad smell go away, but it can cover up any stale smell. Spray your favorite perfume onto a few cotton swabs and then place them on a closet shelf or in drawers where your clothes can absorb the sent. Another option is to place the cotton ball into your pocket for the day.

3. Coffee Grounds
Does your closet stink? Coffee grounds absorb foul odors; so placing a can of coffee grounds in your closet will eliminate the bad smell. Simply poke a few holes in a container, close the lid and store it in your closet. Once a month, switch out the can.

4. Essential Spray
Making your own smelly spray is easy, simply grab a spray bottle and your favorite essential oil. Add a few drops of essential oils to the spray bottle, and then fill the rest of the bottle with water. Lightly spray your clothes with the spray. Or, if you don’t fill like DIYing your spray, you can always buy a quick and easy lavender spray at most grocery stores. Then you’re ready to go!

5.Wood Scented
Have you ever noticed how great wood smells? Well, you can make your clothes smell like that very easily. Just grab a small piece of wood and stash it in your closet or dresser drawer. Try Home Depot, a specialty hardware store or a local lumberyard to find the perfect piece of wood for your closet.

6. Vinegar
Can’t find any clean clothes in your home? We’ve all been there. First, turn the dirty garment that you must wear inside out. Mix equal parts vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Spray a small amount onto the fabric. Make sure to get areas like the armpits that can be especially smelly. Don’t worry that you’ll smell like vinegar. The smell will go away and the fabric will dry within minutes, and you’re good to go!